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Nehemiah Movement Overview

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  • Christ Centered

  • Discipleship Health and Wellness

  • Life Skills Training Establishing

  • Family Values

  • Entrepreneurship

Prayer Strategy

  • We believe prayer is the driving force behind everything we do as a ministry. We pray before any decisions, events, or meetings.

  • We call and pray with our donors concerning both their personal and family needs.

  • We pray with our Board of Directors, and we have an intercessory prayer team that’s consistently praying for our team.


VOLUNTEERS: We have 15 Zambian committed volunteers that provide support in every area of the ministry.

Funding Plan



2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023


Annual Gala             






Network of Churches






Ministry Associations 






Major Donors




$20,000 YTD


Total Income




$250k Goal



  • 100% Board participation in personal giving.

  • Grow major donors by 50% or more.

  • CEO’s goal to move to 50% of his time focused on donor/partner relationships and growth.

Current Needs

  •  $67,200 to dig and develop 8 Tilapia fish farming ponds. ($8,400.00 per pond), Creating 50 jobs and providing 20,000 meals per six months

  • $35,200 for security fencing and salary for 5 workers. (Transformation for a community of 500 people.) 

  • $150,000 for leadership team development needs, that will transform Zambian communities

                               Board of Directors 

                                    ·       Jim Crittenden, Senior Architect

                                    ·       Russell Palmer, Chief Firemen

                                    ·       David Sommerman, IT Infrastructure Manager

                                    ·       Milo Watson, Logistics & Shipping Mngr

                                    ·       Arturo Hernandez, Retired Missionary/business 

                                    ·       Fern Hernandez, Retired Missionary

                                    ·       Diane Rose, Sr. Branch Office Administrator

                                    ·       Mark Young, Evangelist/Missionary

                                    ·       Martishia Young, Evangelist/Missionary

                               Human Resources - Volunteers

Mark Young, President | CEO

Martishia Young, CFO

Mariea Brown, Director Fundraising

Stacy Dailey, Global Administrator

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