M.A.S.Y Ministries


The Lord Has Called All Of Us To Serve Humanity Of Different Races, Color And Tongue; Showing Us That We All Belong To Our Father In Heaven.


Mark Young, son of late pastor Willie Lee Young, Sr. and Martishia Young, granddaughter of late church planter Lila Stewart, are living out the prayers that were prayed by their parents many years ago.

Mark and Martishia are the founders of M.A.S.Y. Ministries. They are evangelist/missionaries that proclaims the Good News, Make Disciples and that has a vision of Mobilizing, Engaging and Developing the next generations of urban youth for missions. The husband-and-wife team are well equipped to training Evangelism, Discipleship and strong marriages in ministry. They both lead a God fearing life and have a strong servant’s heart. God has entrusted them with a wonderful team, strong leaders and servants that are currently serving metro Atlanta and surrounding cities as well as Globally. Mark & Martishia received a calling from the Lord to relocate to Zambia, Africa to set up MASY Ministry Africa hub. 

They are creating the first discipleship Community that will provide health, education, employment and discipleship. Mark and Martishia Young are the lead servants of a non-profit organization with the global community in mind. We raise funds to feed the homeless, Adopt A Complex, Christian Festivals, help with childhood cancer research, trained evangelism, mobilize evangelist in Africa, building discipleship
communities, organize mission trips, unify the community and to proclaim the Gospel. We thrive to give a person a hand up and not just a hand out. They both desire to hear well done my good and faithful servant at the end of the walk on earth.

Our Collaborated Partner

M.A.S.Y runs all operations and programs based on donations FROM YOU AND OUR PARTNERS. We need your help! Your donations go directly towards helping People, Winning Souls, improving Lives around the globe and growth of M.A.S.Y Ministries