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Adopt A FishPond

Adopt A Fishpond

For Fish Farming


  In rural Zambia there exist the potential to reduce poverty and improve food security through aquaculture development. At MASY Ministries, we review government efforts to realize the advantages to training rural Zambians in fish farming practices as well as motivating them to modify their efforts toward this end. We seek to bring education, employment, entrepreneurship,

and healthy eating to the families of Zambia Africa. 

      We are seeking to build eight fishponds that will harvest 10,000 fingerlings (Tilapia) each. Once each pond is built and stocked, we will yield a harvest every six months. This will provide food, training, education, and employment to the village of Mungule, and offset some of the cost of ministry, in central province of Zambia, Africa. We will hire all Zambians, to bring employment, 

and a stronger economy to the families of the village.

Tish Fish Ponds.HEIC.jpg

MASY Ministries is seeking partnership with you to adopt a Tilapia Fishpond in the Central Province of Zambia Africa. We need to dig eight ponds that will provide meals to over 5,000 people, per pond in the Mungule Village. We would like to have, two of the eight fish ponds completed by July 2022. If we get them up and running this summer, we will see a harvest in February 2023. Over the next few years, we will provide over 100,000 lbs. of fish to the village.

It will cost $8,400.00, for each pond. This includes, fingerlings(fish), materials and Labor.

We are looking for churches, ministries, and organizations to adopt a fishpond.

With your adoption, we will put your name and logo on the fishpond that you adopt. You can also come to Zambia, Africa to visit the pond, serve the families fresh Tilapia, and enjoy some yourselves. 

For more information you can visit our website: or you can email us at:


Thank You In Advance

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