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Unifying the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, serving communities, feeding God’s people and Homeless outreach. Join Us Today and Take Part!

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Our individual Partners help by praying with us and giving testimonies of victory!

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Make a donation towards a cause that will bring change in many communities around the world. Be a Part of growth today!

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Our individual Partners help by donating, volunteering, or advocating for children and young people in their communities.

Our Collaborated Partners

M.A.S.Y runs all operations and programs based on donations FROM YOU AND OUR PARTNERS. We need your help! Your donations go directly towards helping People, Winning Souls, improving Lives around the globe and growth of M.A.S.Y Ministries

Why Choose Us?

"Our goal is to better people's Lives around the Globe and bring them to Christ Jesus."

Become a Lifetime partner and grow with us, make a change in people’s lives that will meet you and some will never get the chance to see you but will know that you made a big change in their lives!


Raised by 6,388 people in 7 days


Volunteer are available to help you

We are served since 15 years to helpless people with trust and we are happy

Fundraising For The People And Causes You Care About!

Let us join Hands and help the needy, serve Communities from Starvation, help the homeless and spread the

Gospel to the ends of the World.

Raise funds for The Nehemiah Movement Community

Mark, Tish, Mary Lou and Katie have herded the call from the Lord to relocate to Lusaka, Zambia to develop the first Discipleship Community. We have been called to develop the Nehemiah Movement Community.

Raise funds for Our Daily Operations

Here at MASY Ministries we strive to God’s will. We make sure we shepard’s God’s funds the way He wants us to. We are a 501c3 in the USA and NGO in Lusaka, Zambia. 

Raise funds for M.A.S.Y. Meals

MASY MEALS, is held twice a year around Resurrection Sunday and Thanksgiving in Marietta, GA. During these outreaches, we treat the homeless with dignity by feeding them home cooked meals on tables with linen and China. While eating with them, we listen to, and love on the people of God.

Raise funds for Used Vehicle for Ladies in Zambia

As you know, me and Tish purchase a used Toyota Prado when we arrived in Lusaka, Zambia. This vehicle has been such a blessing to us and the Team MASY Ministries. It has helped us get to crusades,
outreaches and many preaching engagements throughout Lusaka.

Raise funds for Women's Ministry

Turning grief back into love and offering understanding and hope to serve mothers in grieving to a point of love through Jesus Christ. This is MASY Ministries women’s Ministries base in the USA in Atlanta, GA.

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Our Activity

What We Do

You can pick any cause and make a donation or become a lifetime partner. You can also come and see the causes at hand.


Through your partnerships we have helped and served many people around the world, we have Won Souls back to Christ and are still rapidly growing numbers…


Your Partnerships don’t go to nothing but every dollar is put to work, and has yielded excellent results in Improving Education for the vulnerables and people of God who are unable to pay fees to acquire excellent Skills and Education.


We have empowered communities and churches around the globe because of your partnerships, your love for the work of God has uplifted souls that had lost hope and has restored Faith in their hearts and has shown them the proven Love of God that, “He is at Work!”

Our Team Success

Meet Our Board Memebers

Our Board Members have the Heart for the poeple and are lead by the Love of God, we have all believed in Unity and are guided by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Arturo Hernandez

Board Director

James Crittenden

Board Director

Milo Watson

Board Director

Russell Palmer

Board Director

Fern Hernandez

Board Director

David Sommerman

Board Director

Evangelist. Mark & Tish Young

Board Director